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40 dagen met Jezus – Hardcover 2nd Edition!


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In this new English picture book of Stefan Lakhichand, we see the main character Sammy desiring to be a superhero. In this first edition of Sammy the Superhero he experiences that ‘Kindness’ makes him a true superhero to the people he meets. This book is perfect for educating children the importance of being kind to others. And how it can make others feel great!

Title: Sammy the Superhero is ‘Kind’
Language: English
Author: Stefan Lakhichand
Illustrator: Amurtha Godage


’40 dagen met Jezus’ by author Johan den Hartogh – Second edition with extra chapter on Fasting!

Immerse yourself in 40 characteristics of Jesus. To get to know Him better. That’s what this book is about. You will come face to face with 40 special sides of Jesus. Very well-known and familiar, but also exciting, new and intense sides of Him are reviewed. Characteristics of Jesus that may take you out of your comfort zone. This practical book aims to help you be candid with Jesus. To talk to Him about Him. Discover new truths. And to enjoy the infinite depth of His personality and character.

Many blessings on this journey of discovery about who He says He is!


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40 dagen met Jezus – Hardcover 2nd Edition!
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