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De Eerste Grote Reis – Nina Koevoets


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De Eerste Grote Reis’ by Nina Koevoets is a beautiful children’s book for ages 7-9 to help children navigate in conflict situations. Children will discover which behavioural style they portray when dealing with conflict and adults will gather more insight in how to encourage and support children in their upbringing.


De Eerste Grote Reis

The birds Tjeety, Tjirp, Roekoe and Kiki are quadruplets. The two brothers and two sisters are very different. Together with the rest of the swarm, they make their first big journey. That’s not easy, because they get into an argument along the way. Will the four little birds manage to work together and complete the journey?

‘De Eerste Grote Reis’ is a book that helps children at a young age how to deal with conflict situations. The birds are types of four different behavioural descriptions during conflict situations, in which children can recognize themselves. By having more understanding for each other, it is easier to find a solution.

This book is also very suitable for use as teaching material. How we deal with conflict is an important topic to discuss with children. The book has an official AVI M5 and CLIB 6 classification.

About Nina Koevoets

Nina Koevoets received a peace medal in 2018 for her work from the coalition ‘peace missions without weapons’ and received a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for peace education in 2022. She provides conflict navigation training in several European countries and has developed two cooperative games that contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable world. By writing this children’s book, she wants to educate children at a young age to deal with conflict.


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De Eerste Grote Reis – Nina Koevoets
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