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Evangeliseren is niet mijn ding – Jelle Schouwstra


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‘Evangeliseren is niet mijn ding’ is a useful tool when you have difficulty sharing the Good News. In this book Jelle gives great tips and assignments so that Evangelism can eventually also become your thing!


Evangeliseren is niet mijn ding

What if I told you that you can evangelize within your comfort zone? In this book you will learn how to share the good news within your own comfort zone and how to gradually shift your comfort zone. In this book the authors shares experiences and examples from himself and others about evangelism in practice. Dare to say yes to God and go on an adventure!

In this book you will find many questions and assignments to challenge yourself and get to know yourself better. In short, is evangelism not your thing? Then this book is written for you!

About Jelle Schouwstra

Jelle Schouwstra strongly believes in the power of evangelism to make a positive impact on people and communities. He has experienced how evangelism can change lives by introducing people to Jesus and sharing what He has done for us.

With his book he wants to encourage other Christians to also participate in this important work and give them the tools to help them be successful in this.


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Evangeliseren is niet mijn ding – Jelle Schouwstra
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