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Kijk haar nu! – Hardcover


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Kijk haar nu! – Book Debut of Ursula Keerveld!

When 4 year old Paulien is playing in the sand box, she accidentally drops a bucket full of sand on her head. With attention and love however, the hair is cleaned and mommy make her a new hairstyle. Other children are amazed by the beauty of the different hairstyles. Braids, high puff and corkscrew curls.

By creating this picture book the author creates more awareness on how amazing and versatile black (natural) hair actually is, instead of only looking at it as difficult to handle. This picture book is a must have for all parents raising children with black hair.

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Title: Kijk haar nu!
Language: Dutch

Type: Hardcover, 21 x 21 cm
Author: Ursula Keerveld
Illustrator: Niluka Priyadarshani

ISBN: 9789083083339
Pages: 24


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Kijk haar nu! – Hardcover
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