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Sammy de Superheld is Vriendelijk – Stefan Lakhichand


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In this new English picture book of Stefan Lakhichand, we see the main character Sammy desiring to be a superhero. In this first edition of Sammy the Superhero he experiences that ‘Kindness’ makes him a true superhero to the people he meets. This book is perfect for educating children the importance of being kind to others. And how it can make others feel great!

Title: Sammy de Superheld is Vriendelijk
Language: Dutch
Author: Stefan Lakhichand
Illustrator: Amurtha Godage


Sammy de Superheld is Vriendelijk

Sammy really wants to be a superhero. He wants to help people in need, but he has no superpowers. The fact that he can never become a superhero makes him sad. Fortunately, Sammy discovers that you are only really a superhero if you are kind to others.

‘Sammy de Superheld is Vriendelijk’ is a must-have for parenting. Very suitable for parents who want to teach their child important norms and values ​​in a fun way that children will certainly enjoy.

About Stefan Lakhichand

Stefan Lakhichand is a husband, father, leader, and a passionate writer, born and raised in the Netherlands. His first book ‘Giving Birth to your Promise’ resulted in the founding of Public Transformation, a publishing house that helps aspiring authors publish their books.

When he is not writing or publishing, Stefan enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Melvina and his two lovely children, Samuel Caléb and Adri-Elle Shiloh.


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Sammy de Superheld is Vriendelijk – Stefan Lakhichand
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