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What about the Church? – Suhaina Benilia-Sophia


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‘What about the Church’ by Suhaina Benilia – Sophia is a beautiful English book that provides more information about the importance of the church for believers. Suhaina included her own story and experiences as well. Are you interested in learning more about the church? Then this book will be a perfect purchase!


What about the Church?

To some the church is a social gathering. Others see it as a place of worship or as a place where we are being taught the Word of God. With so many online meetings some Christians don’t visit the local church any longer. Especially when they were hurt in the place that should have been safe.

In this book ‘What about the Church?’ the author looks at the local church from a place of her own experience, but also dives into the Word of God to look at the original purpose God has for the church.

If you desire to learn more about the reason why the church today is still relevant for all believers, this book will be the greatest resource you can find.

About Suhaina Benilia – Sophia

Suhaina Sophia serves as an elder and pastor in her local church Heaven Designed Life. She is a student and teacher of the Word of God with a strong desire to build according to God’s biblical patterns. ‘What about the Church?’ is her first book.


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What about the Church? – Suhaina Benilia-Sophia
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