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Here you can purchase the Books that are published by Public Transformation! You can choose to buy a hardcopy or easily download an e-book! Or you can book a unique session with the author!

Books that are published by Public Transformation


  • Books

    Here you can buy all the books published by Public Transformation. And even cheaper than in the book store! Get your favorite title here, hardcover or easily download the ebook. 

  • Meet the Author

    Public Transformation offers a unique opportunity for everyone. Not only can you purchase the book, but it is also possible to meet the author of the book! In this incredible opportunity the author can share a little more with you on every level you'd like. You can book the author for a meet and greet of 15 minutes and just getting to know each other, or you can book a meeting of 1 or 2 hours when suits you best. Ask for guidance throughout the book or any other session you desire. The meetings are over ZOOM. This unique opportunity is something only Public Transformation offers!

  • Titles coming soon!

    Click here for titles that are soon to be added to the list of Public Transformation! You can find out if your title is available for pre-order!

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